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Cruise Itineraries

We maintain data sets with itinerary information for more than 100 cruise lines, including those operating river cruises and expedition cruises.

If there are differences in the product that is offered in different markets, we maintain multiple data sets for the same cruise line.

Here are some reasons why we are proud of our itinerary data:

  • All itineraries undergo numerous automated quality checks and any problems are manually addressed.

  • All locations are normalized to our set of location names.

  • Itineraries are tested for conflicts, that is, any contradictory information between different departures of the same ship is detected and is then manually reviewed and corrected.

  • Crossing of the International Date Line is correctly reflected in the data, and the length of the itinerary is correctly stated.

  • The beginning and the end of the cruise portion in all cruise-tours is indicated in the data.

  • Different modes of transportation such as air travel or land travel are indicated in the structured itineraries.

  • For river cruises, expedition cruises, and cruise-tours, we include long descriptions of the daily program published by the cruise lines. These texts are manually reviewed and edited as needed.

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